Industrial space invest / for sale | Deinze

E3-laan 43

E3-laan 43
9800 Deinze
Property type
Invest / For sale
Unit type
Account Manager
Account Manager

Industrial space invest / for sale | Deinze

E3-laan 43 is located E3-laan 43 in Deinze and is currently for sale as an investment opportunity. This warehouse has a total available space of 5.035 m2. Below you can find a list of all features available. For more information, please contact the person in charge, , who will be happy to help you.


Floor Unit type Floor area (M²)
Unit B4 Warehouse 300 m2
Unit B3 Warehouse 294 m2
Unit B2 Warehouse 294 m2
Unit B1 Warehouse 300 m2
Unit A9 Warehouse 291 m2
Unit A8 Warehouse 297 m2
Unit A7 Warehouse 224 m2
Unit A6 Warehouse 219 m2
Unit A5 Warehouse 219 m2
Unit A4 Warehouse 219 m2
Unit A3 Warehouse 219 m2
Unit A2 Warehouse 219 m2
Unit A15 Warehouse 219 m2
Unit A14 Warehouse 224 m2
Unit A13 Warehouse 291 m2
Unit A12 Warehouse 291 m2
Unit A11 Warehouse 291 m2
Unit A10 Warehouse 291 m2
Unit A1 Warehouse 333 m2