Investment for sale | Bruxelles


Chaussée de Ninove 192
1080 Bruxelles
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For sale
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Account Manager
Account Manager

Investment for sale | Bruxelles

Ekla is located in Bruxelles and is currently for sale as an investment opportunity. This opportunity has a space of 364 m2 divided into 38 floors. Below you can find a list of all features available. For more information, please contact the person in charge, , who will be happy to help you.


Floor Unit type Floor area (M²)
17/18.A1.17.04 Residential 205 m2
17/18.A1.17.03 Residential 159 m2
17/18.A1.17.02 Residential 93 m2
17/18.A1.17.01 Residential 64 m2
16.A1.16.08 Residential 63 m2
16.A1.16.05 Residential 89 m2
16.A1.16.04 Residential 99 m2
16.A1.16.02 Residential 71 m2
16.A1.16.01 Residential 64 m2
16.A1.16.07 Residential 60 m2
15.A1.15.08 Residential 63 m2
15.A1.15.06 Residential 83 m2
15.A1.15.05 Residential 89 m2
15.A1.15.04 Residential 99 m2
14.A1.14.06 Residential 83 m2
14.A1.14.05 Residential 89 m2
14.A1.14.04 Residential 99 m2
14.A1.14.02 Residential 71 m2
14.A1.14.01 Residential 64 m2
13.A1.13.08 Residential 63 m2
13.A1.13.07 Residential 60 m2
13.A1.13.06 Residential 83 m2
13.A1.13.04 Residential 99 m2
13.A1.13.02 Residential 71 m2
13.A1.13.01 Residential 64 m2
12.A1.12.06 Residential 83 m2
12.A1.12.05 Residential 89 m2
12.A1.12.04 Residential 99 m2
12.A1.12.02 Residential 71 m2
12.A1.12.01 Residential 64 m2
11.A1.11.08 Residential 63 m2
11.A1.11.05 Residential 89 m2
11.A1.11.04 Residential 99 m2
10.A1.10.06 Residential 83 m2
08.A1.08.04 Residential 99 m2
07.A1.07.05 Residential 89 m2
06.A1.06.05 Residential 89 m2
06.A1.06.04 Residential 99 m2