Investment for sale | Grimbergen

Strombeek Business Park

Temsesteenweg 102
1850 Grimbergen
Property type
For sale
Unit type
Sandra Daelemans
Account Manager
Sandra Daelemans
Account Manager

Investment for sale | Grimbergen

Strombeek Business Park is located in Grimbergen and is currently for sale as an investment opportunity. This opportunity has a space of 14.073 m2 divided into 15 floors. Below you can find a list of all features available. For more information, please contact the person in charge, Sandra Daelemans, who will be happy to help you.


Air conditioning
Access control system
Cold ceiling
Double glazing
Goods lift
Loading bay
Raised floor
Truck access
Van access


Floor Unit type Floor area (M²)
5A Office 766 m2
4A Office 733 m2
3B Office 332 m2
3A Office 766 m2
3D Office 149 m2
3B Office 332 m2
3C Office 551 m2
2A Office 727 m2
2E Office 619 m2
2B Office 893 m2
2 Office 1.318 m2
1A Office 1.150 m2
1E Office 1.480 m2
1D Office 743 m2
1B Office 1.285 m2
0 - unit 1A Office 474 m2
0 - unit 3A Office 349 m2
0C Office 1.099 m2
0 - unit 4B Office 362 m2
0 - unit 2B Office 449 m2
0 Office 119 m2
0 Office 400 m2
0 Office 492 m2
0 Office 354 m2