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Grand Sablon 40

Grand Sablon 40
Grand Sablon 40

Place du Grand Sablon 40
1000 Bruxelles

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    4.500 m2
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Mathieu Nocent

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The Place du Grand Sablon is home to luxury retailers (Din Vanh, Flamant, ...) and prestigious food and beverages addresses such as Marcolini, Wittamer, Au Vieux Saint-Martin, Chez Richard,...The Maison R. Mallien, founded in 1893, has had, for years, an important place in Brussels’ history.

It contributed greatly to the expansion of the fur market, and as a result of that, the company expanded until they outgrew their premises rue du Lombard.
The building, of about 4.500 sqm, is divided into several floors, with high ceilings, open floors and great light.
Built with prestigious materials and Renaissance inspired, this massive and beautiful building fits perfectly into the Place du Grand Sablon, architectural jewel of Brussels.


FloorUnit TypeFloor area
0Retail750 m2
+1Retail750 m2
+2Retail750 m2
+3Retail750 m2
+4Retail750 m2
-1Storage750 m2





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