Kantoorruimtes te huur | Bruxelles | 9.278 m2

The Precedent

Avenue Louise 106
1050 Bruxelles
Type pand
Te huur
Type eenheid
9.278 m2
Thomas Baets
Account Manager
Thomas Baets
Account Manager

Kantoorruimtes te huur | Bruxelles | 9.278 m2

Located in a thriving neighbourhood (Avenue Louise) close to large a variation of amenities such as bars, restaurants and shops, ‘The Precedent‘ office building sets an unprecedented standard for offices in Brussels.

With its unique concept that results in exemplary synergy of economy, aesthetics and ecology, it aims to create a precedent (hence the name) for how people and places can thrive in a heavily urbanized context. The building, with a total office surface of 9.000 sqm dispersed over 9 floors, makes optimal use of the actual building line and offset potential, while offering the lowest possible carbon footprint. The eco-friendly, maintenance free and bright, solid surface outer shell pours natural light into the back streets far more than any (pollution sensitive) stone would be able to. That way ‘The Precedent‘ literally brightens up its surroundings while being of aesthetic added value to its surrounding streets.

It goes without saying that occupancy detection, energy monitoring and water management - just to name a few - put the tenant in complete control of buildings that respect the people in it and the environment they are part of. As a result, ‘The Precedent‘ complies with passive standards (EPB Brussel 2015), will carry the ‘Outstanding‘ BREEAM-certificate and will be Well Certified ready.

This innovating new project, who will be delivered in 2022, is easily accessible by public transport such as the tram on place Stéphanie, Louise Metro and various bus lines, ‘the Precedent‘ is within walking distance of the well-known Boulevard de Waterloo and Toison d‘Or.

Voor meer informatie kunt u contact opnemen met de verantwoordelijke persoon, Thomas Baets, wie u verder zal kunnen helpen.


Toegangscontrole gebouw
Koud plafond
Verlaagde plafonds
Opengaande ramen
Verhoogde vloer
BREEAM Excellent Well Certification


Verdieping Type eenheid Ruimte (M²)
9 Office 737 m2
8 Office 737 m2
8 Office 131 m2
7 Office 952 m2
6 Office 956 m2
5 Office 1.134 m2
5 Office 144 m2
4 Office 1.134 m2
3 Office 1.134 m2
2 Office 1.134 m2
1 Office 1.085 m2