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SME business units for sale, In Kortrijk

Walle Kortrijk
Walle Kortrijk
Walle Kortrijk
Walle Kortrijk
Walle Kortrijk
Walle Kortrijk
Walle Kortrijk

Walle 111-113
8500 Kortrijk

  • Property Type

    SME business units
  • Unit Type

    For Sale
  • Available

    3.908 m2
  • As From

Felix Van Butsele

Walle Kortrijk

South of Kortrijk's historic city centre, between the Ei and the Doorniksewijk, the Walle district is home to an old industrial site.

The characterful site is located in a zone for environmentally harmful industry, a zoning that is no longer desirable. Together with the City of Kortrijk, steps were taken to redevelop the area by drawing up a Spatial Implementation Plan (RUP).

This site is excellently located, 300m from the Doorniksesteenweg with an immediate connection to the E17 and R8. The railway station is barely 1.5km away.

The units are delivered as casco.


FloorUnit TypeFloor area
Unit A-01
0Inside Storage436 m2
Unit A-06
0Inside Storage264 m2
Unit A-07
0Inside Storage264 m2
Unit A-08
0Inside Storage264 m2
Unit A-09
0Inside Storage241 m2
Unit A-10
0Inside Storage447 m2
Unit B-13
0Inside Storage189 m2
Unit B-17
0Inside Storage1.019 m2
Unit C-20
0Inside Storage192 m2
Unit C-21
0Inside Storage192 m2
Unit C-24
0Inside Storage400 m2



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