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Logistics to let, As From 2.955 m2, In Boortmeerbeek

Leuvensesteenweg 300
Leuvensesteenweg 300
Leuvensesteenweg 300
Leuvensesteenweg 300
Leuvensesteenweg 300

Leuvensesteenweg 300
3190 Boortmeerbeek

  • Property Type

  • Unit Type

    To Let
  • Available

    12.035 m2
  • As From

    2.955 m2
Andrew Rozen

Leuvensesteenweg 300

Development of a business park on the Leuvensesteenweg in Boortmeerbeek.

The location of the site is ideal for regional distribution. Thanks to the accessibility via the canal, as well as the proximity of important traffic routes to and from the airport and major highways, goods can be distributed efficiently.

In addition, the site is easily accessible by public transport and bicycle (high accessibility index) and close to a wide range of public facilities, which contributes to a reduction in car trips and thus in congestion and CO₂ emissions during the life span of the building.

Delivery: Q3 2023


FloorUnit TypeFloor area
Hall A - OfficeOffices140 m2
Hall C - OfficeOffices135 m2
Hall C - MezzanineMezzanine500 m2
Hall A - WarehouseInside Storage4.424 m2
Hall A - MezzanineMezzanine700 m2
Hall B - WarehouseInside Storage2.955 m2
Hall C - WarehouseInside Storage3.456 m2



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