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Offices for sale, In Gembloux

Crelan Gembloux
Crelan Gembloux
Crelan Gembloux
Crelan Gembloux
Crelan Gembloux

Chaussée de Tirlemont 29
5030 Gembloux

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Virginie Rombauts

Crelan Gembloux

1. Property description
Constructed in 1850, the building initially functioned as a hotel prior to its transformation into offices in 2012. The structure has a polygonal design with varying heights. It boasts an aboveground surface of 1,743 m² and an underground surface of 472 m². The ground floor has a free height of 3.35 m, while the first and second floors have a free height of 3.00 m. An elevator, centrally positioned, serves floors -1 to +2.

2. Cadastral parcel
The Property is located on cadastral plot with ID 92053A0112/00Y000 and a total surface of 5,186 m².

3. The sector plan & local orientation scheme
The sector plan (FR: plan de secteur) indicates that the Property is located in a residential zone.

A local orientation scheme (FR: Schéma d’Orientation Local) is applicable on the site and further specifies the sector plan. The scheme in place is called ‘PLAN SOLDE (N° 32 de la gare)’. For the area on which the property is located, the scheme indicated that, just like the sector plan, the zoning is for residential use.



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