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House to letAs From 4.000 m2In Machelen

Airport Business Center

Leonardo da Vincilaan 21
1830 Machelen

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    To Let
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    36.859 m2
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    4.000 m2

Airport Business Center

Airport Business Center is a new development of 35.000 sqm with different functions. The building will mainly consist of offices, for about 28.000 sqm, while the rest will be taken up by a 4* hotel along with all the facilities of a hotel. The new site will therefore be able to offer many services. On top of this, the tram, with direct connection to the airport, will have a stop in front of the building. This will make the site one of the best reachable zones of the Brussels Periphery. The project should be delivered by Q1 2022.


FloorUnit TypeFloor area
Building C
6Offices590 m2
5Offices590 m2
5Terrace145 m2
4Offices897 m2
3Offices883 m2
2Offices882 m2
1Offices1.622 m2
0Offices1.653 m2
Building B
13Offices1.280 m2
12Offices1.280 m2
11Offices1.192 m2
11 TTerrace67 m2
10Offices1.280 m2
9Offices1.280 m2
8 TTerrace67 m2
7Offices1.276 m2
6Offices1.276 m2
5Offices1.188 m2
5 TTerrace67 m2
4Offices1.277 m2
3Offices1.276 m2
2Offices1.272 m2
1Offices546 m2
Building A
9Offices1.271 m2
8Offices1.243 m2
7Offices1.611 m2
6Offices1.611 m2
5Offices1.460 m2
4Offices1.611 m2
3Offices1.611 m2
2Offices1.512 m2
2 TTerrace278 m2
1Offices1.532 m2
0Offices835 m2
*Parking Parking724 spots


  • Air conditioning
  • Double glazing
  • Raised floor
  • Solar panels
  • Sprinklers
  • BREEAM Outstanding
  • WELL Gold



Boulevard de Waterloo, 16
1000 Brussels, Belgium
+32 (0)2 643 33 33


Cockerillkaai, 26
2000 Antwerp, Belgium
+32 (0)3 248 68 60


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