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SME business units for sale, In Genk

Bedrijvenpark Walth
Bedrijvenpark Walth
Bedrijvenpark Walth
Bedrijvenpark Walth

Gieterijstraat 92
3600 Genk

  • Property Type

    SME business units
  • Unit Type

    For Sale
  • Available

    2.734 m2
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Ignace Warson

Ignace Warson

Bedrijvenpark Walth

The new "WALTH" business park is located in the Genk-North industrial zone, close to E314 motorway exits 30 and 31. In this business park, on the former site of "Genk Hout", 22 sustainable and high-quality SME units are being built with energy efficiency in mind.

The project consists of 3 different blocks erected around Walth's buildings.

The individual surface areas of the units range from 210 m² to 300 m². Due to the flexible structure and architecture, it is possible to merge units and create larger surface areas of up to 2,722 m². The units are delivered as shells including concrete floors and exterior joinery.

Each unit comes with 2 parking spaces.

Sale subject to 21% VAT.


FloorUnit TypeFloor area
Unit A04
0Inside Storage216 m2
Unit B02
0Inside Storage250 m2
Unit C01
0Inside Storage252 m2
Unit C03
0Inside Storage252 m2
Unit C04
0Inside Storage252 m2
Unit C05
0Inside Storage252 m2
Unit C06
0Inside Storage252 m2
Unit C07
0Inside Storage252 m2
Unit C08
0Inside Storage252 m2
Unit C09
0Inside Storage252 m2
Unit C10
0Inside Storage252 m2



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